Uploading backed up images from SenseCam folder structure

Aug 26, 2010 at 1:17 PM


I successfully got the Browser to open a folder of images that had already previously been imported from a SenseCam (such that the images were all in one single folder along with a sensor.csv file). I don't know how the Browser would handle it if I tried to open a folder that still had the hierarchical structure that's used on the SenseCam itself. (For experiments, I directly copy the raw DATA folder off a SenseCam rather than using the SenseCam importer.)



For this, you'd need to add a slight modification to the browser open-source code. Here's what I'd do:

1. In the Upload_New_Images.xaml file, go to line 137, which is in region "detecting likely source and destination folders for the SenseCam images" looks like:

  string[] candidate_drives = new string[] { "D:", "E:", "F:", "G:", "H:", "I:", "J:", "K:", "L:", "M:", "N:", "O:", "P:", "Q:", "R:", "S:", "T:", "U:", "V:", "W:", "X:", "Y:", "Z:" };

2. where it lists "D:", "E:", "F:", etc. add in another entry of the path where you have those raw DATA folders e.g."c:\sensecam\may08_experiments\"...

3. recompile code base ... that should be it :)