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Video Tutorial on using Oxford/CLARITY SenseCam Browser

This browser can be used along with either the SenseCam or the Vicon Revue. For the May 2011 release, below is a video clip showing the various features/functions of the browser, and how to carry them out:

Opening browser and adding participants

Uploading participant image data

Browsing through images

Deleting images

Correcting event boundaries

Annotating events

Extracting more detailed information from the database. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express


Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express as detailed in 19) Open MS SQL Server Management studio express
and 20) Open Oxford CLARITY SenseCam management database
  • 26) To retrieve event codings/annotations...
SELECT, evnt.start_time, evnt.end_time, coding.annotation_name

FROM SC_Browser_User_Annotations AS coding
	ON coding.[user_id] = u.[user_id]
	INNER JOIN All_Events AS evnt
		ON coding.[user_id] = evnt.[user_id] AND coding.event_id = evnt.event_id

ORDER BY u.[user_id], evnt.start_time

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