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SenseCam appears to not be correctly recording the time


The SenseCam time is set according to what the time is on your PC. On the time slippage issue, this one is pretty complicated but what probably is happening, is that you plug the camera in (time 1), then you may check e-mail for a minute, then open the browser, then look through a few images, then click on the add images, and finally click on the “start” button (time 4). In this case difference(time (1), time(4)) may be 3-4 minutes, or even greater …
To alleviate this for the time being, the best thing to do is get clicking on the “start” button as quickly as possible (after plugging SenseCam in) ... It’s not ideal, but hopefully this explanation of the murky world of PC code helps understand why there can be a little time slippage :)
To explain the nitty gritty… this is how the SenseCam time is set, and hopefully this may help:
  1. Plug SenseCam into the PC - "firmware switch off" is recorded as time (1) and taken from the camera firmware
  2. Open up SenseCam browser
  3. Click on button "Add Images"
  4. Click on button "Start", SenseCam "plug-in" time is recorded as time (5) and taken from the PC, which is then written to the camera firmware
  5. Images downloaded from camera, then deleted from SenseCam
  6. Camera plugged out - ... firmware on camera starts recording the time again, but the time it resets to is
  7. Camera switched on - firmware then resets it's time to time(7) = time (7) + difference(time (1), time(4)) … in essence this means that the camera time is reset to be the same as the PC (accounts for any camera firmware inaccuracies, the time changing, moving time zone, etc.) which is an important step
    However what you’ll see is that there’s no possible way (at the moment) of recording time (1) on the PC, so what we try to do is minimise the times between steps 1 and 4 (i.e. minimise time (4) – time (1)) … this is achieved through the instruction of requesting people to immediately open the SenseCam browser after (or even before) the SenseCam is plugged in, and then to straight away click on the “Add Images” button.