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October 2017: This browser has been updated

Please navigate to for a much more up-to-date browser.

All information below is depreciated as of October 2017

Project Description
This browser supports researchers to analyse Vicon Autographer, Revue, or SenseCam images. [Doherty, Moulin, Smeaton (2011) Memory 19(7) p785-95]

Researchers in the University of Oxford, Dublin City University, University of California San Diego, Auckland University of Technology, and University of Melbourne have extended the original SenseCam browser. It is recommended that all Autographer and SenseCam researchers use this browser.

Advantages of this browser:
  • Multi-user functionality - useful for researchers managing data from multiple subjects
  • Easy labelling/annotation of events
  • Event segmentation - option to automatically summarise thousands of images into a small number of events e.g. 2,000 images on average segmented into ~20 events
  • Platform for future applications - backend database allows for easy extension of this browser for applications to suit your research purposes

Citation to Use

Please cite the article below anytime you use the SenseCam browser in your research:

Doherty, Aiden R., Moulin, Chris J.A., and Smeaton, Alan F. (2011) Automatically Assisting Human Memory: A SenseCam Browser., Memory: Special Issue on SenseCam: The Future of Everyday Research? Taylor and Francis, 19(7), 785-795

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If you would like to install the browser onto your computer you can follow the installation instructions in the "Downloads" section. If you have any problems installing this browser please use the "Discussions" section to explain your issue, which will be dealt with promptly. Note the browser only works on Windows PCs at the minute.
Please visit the SenseCam wiki for more information on all SenseCam related activities being carried out by the research community

Or alternatively contact Aiden Doherty for more information

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