How does the browser cluster images together?

Aug 26, 2010 at 1:14 PM


I was missing a lot of images but then I noticed that the ViconRevue device updates its date every time it is connected to the computer which is a bit not logical. I had the date wrong on my laptop so the CSV file was labeled with this wrong date rather than the real date of capturing. However, the question is:

 - Is there any automatic clustering for the images based either on the images features or on the sensors values (not only the date)? Every time I transfer images through your application, the images which are taken on the same date will appear in 1 block.



At the minute the browser only clusters images together by:

1) day

2) event

So there is no clustering based on image features. We have done that in other work of course (k-means clustering algorithm on any type of image feature should work), but it isn't ready/mature enough to release as open source ... yet! :)