Image time appears wrong the first time I use browser

Aug 26, 2010 at 1:19 PM


Times are 5 hours too early. For example, a picture taken at about 9am is shown in the Browser as 4am. I checked and the picture's modification date/time was 9am, AND its time in the sensor.csv was 9am. Maybe there's some kind of time-zone thing happening? The full date is partially cut off (see screenshot 1). Times on the thumbnails are displayed with two "AM" or "PM".



this will happen the very first time you use our SenseCam upload app ... however everytime since then the time should display correctly on your browser I hope? The reason this happens the first time is that we record the UTC time (rather than local time zones), this gets over the problem of people flying between time zones, and also helps align data with GPS devices (which record in UTC time) at later stages.