How to get a list of the event segmentation details?

Aug 26, 2010 at 1:22 PM


I would like to have just a very simple text output summary of the results of the event segmentation. For example, a comma or tab delimited file with columns such as: date,EventNumber,StartTime,EndTime,FirstImageFileName,LastImageFileName,NumberOfImages



2 options here...

      1. on the tree to the left (using SQL Server Management Studio Express), expand databases->DCU_SenseCam->tables->All_Events ... then right click and select "Open Table", which should give information on all the events


      2. a. for even more detailed information ... go to DCU_SenseCam -> right click -> select "new query"

      b. use this text:


====== option 2 query text =======

select [user_id], event_id, min(image_path), max(image_path), count(*)

from All_Images

where [user_id]=1

group by [user_id], event_id

order by [user_id], event_id

====== option 2 query text =======