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Researcher Wearable Camera User Guide

<do once for all devices before using them>

<do every time before giving devices to a new research participant>

<do every time after getting devices back from a new research participant>

<can be done anytime after participant data has been downloaded>

<can be done anytime after participant image data has been downloaded>

<do when you want to analyse participant data in any statistical package (Excel, R, SPSS, Stata, etc.)>

Video Tutorial on using the SenseCam Browser

Click here on how to define the annotation schema

Click here to manipulate data shown on the browser

Other more detailed queries to get information from the database

STEP 2: Look at Your Photos

  • Once the photos are added you can look at them.
  • The photos are grouped into events. The main screen will show your event photos. You can use the (vertical) scroll bar on the right hand side to see more of the events. Also the little (horizontal) scroll bar on the top right allows you make the images appear bigger/smaller.
  • You can click on one of the event photos to see the photos within it. This will bring up a blue coloured screen.
  • Your photos should play automatically through the event. You can click the “Pause” button to stop it and you can click the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to look through them one at a time. If you want it to play automatically click the Play button.
  • Click “Close” at the right hand side to close this screen and go back to the main screen
  • You can click another event photo to look through a different event

To Look at Photos from Previous Days
  • If you want to look at yesterday’s photos or photos you added from a previous day…click the orange “Show Calendar” button on the left side of the screen. This will bring up your calendar. If you have photos on a day it will show up red, and you can click on the given day to view it’s events . Minor bug to fix: Today’s photos may not be in red.

To Delete a Photo
  • If there is a photo you want to delete…from the main screen click the event photo where the photo you want to delete is. This will bring up the blue screen. You can press the “Previous” and “Next” buttons to look through the images until you come across the photo you want to delete. When you find it click on the “Delete” button. If there is more than one photo click “Delete” for each one. If there is a whole day you want to delete you can contact the researcher.

To Add a Label to a set of Photos
  • You may want to add a label to a set of images if you want to remember it or if you think you may want to look at it again. Adding the label will help you to find it again easier.
When you click a photo for the important event from the main screen it will bring up the blue screen. Then click where it says “Click here to add a caption”, and simply enter your desired textual comment, which will automatically be stored.

STEP 3: Close SenseCam browser

  • You can close the SenseCam photo browser by clicking the red “Close” button at the top right side of the screen. If a message comes up asking you to wait a few moments it means that the SenseCam has not finished deleting the photos from it. It is best to leave the computer and come back to it after 10 minutes or so. This process is finished whenever the red light turns off on top of the SenseCam.

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