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<can be done anytime after participant image data has been downloaded>

1. ANNOTATING WEARABLE CAMERA IMAGES (Using DohertyBrowser software)

<note that “event” means a series of images grouped together>
  • 1. Open the software (as above), and navigate into the main screen, selecting day of interest
  • 2. Click the event you want to annotate, which opens up a view of all images in the event
  • 3. You can alter the images that belong to the event of your intended annotation. Select the image where the activity changes and then on the right hand side click:
    • a. “Split Event” to break the event in two
    • b. “Put Images in prev evnt” to move start images to previous event
    • c. “Put Images in next event” to move end images to next event
  • 4. Select the appropriate annotation from the left hand side, then click “RECORD ANNOTATION”
  • 5. You can remove an event’s annotation by selecting it at the top left of the screen (when viewing all images in an event), and then clicking “Remove Prior Event Annotations”)
  • 6. You can verify annotations have been recorded in the main day view screen, where annotations will be listed along the top of the screen. They will also be listed just below the “Calendar” button.

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