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<do every time before giving devices to a new research participant>

1. CLEAR IMAGES FROM CAMERA (Using DohertyBrowser software)

<here we "download" images from the camera which automatically wipes the camera clean, thus making it ready to be used again>
  • 1. Navigate to your desktop, and click “DohertyBrowser”
  • 2. Click the dropdown box in the middle of the opening screen to select a user
    • a. If you select “<new participant>”, then enter a ParticipantID in the new text box that appears
  • 3. Click the “START” button that appears
  • 4. Plug the camera into your computer via the USB cable
  • 5. Click the “Add” button
  • 6. Click the “Start” button (indicates software has identified plugged in camera)
  • 7. When finished, do not plug the camera out, unto the software allows you to click the application “Quit” button
  • 8. The images will now be deleted from the camera.

2. ACCURATELY SET CAMERA TIME (Using Autographer software)

<here we set the time of the camera to be the same as our PC>
  • 1. If connected, please disconnect the Autographer camera
  • 2. Open the “Autographer” software
  • 3. Select the “Settings” button on the left hand menu
To get the most accurate synchronisation do the following as quickly as possible:
  • 4. Plug the Autographer camera into your computer via the USB cable
    • a. If your computer does not acknowledge the device is plugged in, try a different port
  • 5. Press the synchronise clock button (under heading “Autographer”)
  • 6. Disconnect the Autographer camera from your computer

<The camera is now ready for a participant to use it>

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